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Small Batch Friendly - Fiber Processing

Got Wool (or any other fiber)?

Not sure what to do with it?  It’s piling up and you’d like to turn it into gorgeous yarn or roving or felt, but you’re not sure what it’s best suited for?   What do people want to buy?  How will your fiber shine?

You have questions.  We love questions! 
Truly, it’s our specialty.  We can help you to turn your fiber into it’s best yarn (or roving or felt…).

Or, maybe you don’t have enough to meet the minimums at the larger mills and you don’t want to pay the extra to get your small amount milled?  But, dang it, you want to knit with YOUR yarn. 

We can do that too.  We’ll process any amount without any minimum fees. 
In fact, I can tell you beforehand what you’re going to pay.  No surprise fees.

Okay…maybe you’re afraid that once your precious fiber goes to the mill it might get mixed up with other fibers and maybe, you won’t get your exact fiber back?

Have no fear.  We keep your special fiber separate from all of the other special fibers we process.  Guaranteed.