Windy Acres Fiber Mill

About our fiber mill:

In 2012, we purchased 7 fiber male alpacas and Windy Acres Farm was started.  We sheared our boys and after skirting their fleeces, we sent them off to the mill we used to be processed into yarn and rovings.  After 7 months of waiting, we finally received our first order from the mill.  We sold our yarn and rovings at the nearest farmer's market.  Everything was a HUGE hit.  In the fall of 2013, we discovered that  the mill we had used for our fiber processing was for sale.

So we bought it! 

Windy Acres Fiber Mill opened in November of 2014 is able to process fiber into yarn, rovings, batts and felt. 

Windy Acres Fiber Mill prefers processing alpaca fiber but will process all types of fiber.