Things we make at Windy Acres Fiber Mill


Our yarn prices are inclusive!  

This means, for this price, we will:

  • tumble
  • wash
  • separate (dehair)
  • card
  • pin draft
  • spin
  • ply
  • skein 
  • wash skeins

No extra fees

See below for the 2022 prices.
(due to the current economy, the prices have increased in 2022, our first ever increase.)

Huacaya alpaca and wool

  • 2 ply yarn $30/pound (sport, dk, worsted, bulky)
  • 3 ply yarn $33/pound (sport, dk, worsted, bulky)

Suri alpaca, mohair and angora add $6/pound

  • Felt $28/pound (available in 1- or 2-pound sheets (approximate size is 33” X 45”)
  • Roving $17/pound
    Pin-Drafted roving $23/pound
  • Batts $18/pound (available in 8 oz up to 2 lb.)
  • Rug yarn (core spun) $18/pound
  • Rugs $37/pound (it takes approximately 2.5 to 3 pounds of fiber to make a 2ft by 3ft area rug)

Services we offer:

  • Fiber skirting ($50/hour)
  • Fiber dyeing ($6/pound)
  • Washing ($4/pound for wash only-not a prewashed discount)
  • Fiber sorting/grading $10 per blanket ($5/neck)
  • Shearing day skirting or sort/grade $250/day plus travel expenses (contact Charli for more details)

Our per pound prices are all based on incoming weight and are inclusive. 

There are no hidden fees. 

We want you to know what your bill will be before the work is begun.  We are not offering any pre-washed discounts at this time.  We have found that we frequently have to re-wash and charge for it which causes confusion.

NO MINIMUMS!  Absolutely, without a doubt, we do not have a minimum. 

There are no discounts for large batches, there are no extra fees for small batches.  We have one price tier and it is the same for everyone.

We truly do cater to small farms.  We also make every effort to personalize your yarn. 
Do you want tweed, heathered, blended, 100% suri, individual yarns by animal, dyed fiber added…?
You tell me what you want, and I will do my best to make it happen.  There are times when the fiber just will not do what we the people want it to do, in that case, I will contact you and you can decide what you would like done.

50% deposit required on orders over $500 before work is begun.  Orders must be paid in full within 30 days of completion or they become the property of Windy Acres Fiber Mill.
$35 fee for returned checks. 3% fee for Credit or Debit Cards. Prices subject to change without notice.

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