What you need to know (and do):

  • Keep your animals clean——-try to keep hay off the ground because your animals will roll in it and
    embed it in their fleece.
  • Shake the dirt out——-our prices are based on incoming weight so shake out the dirt. If we are sorting fleeces for you this is not recommended, but you are paying a per fleece fee for this service, not by the
  • Skirt your fleece—— if you have the time and knowledge. What does this mean? Try to remove all bits
    of vegetation, poo, the gnarly sections that are stiff, straight primary fibers. Check out the photos of
    skirting for more information.
  • Use clear plastic bags for fiber storage——–its easier for you to see what is in the bag. Get as much air
    out as possible, especially if you are shipping your fiber. One 20# box is typically cheaper to ship than
    two 10-pound boxes

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